8 Types of Kababs You Must Try

  • 25 Jul, 2020
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Persian Kabab is an important part of the Persian table at various events. There are many varieties of kabab in Persian cuisine. If you’re a fan of Iranian Kababs, your mouth has already been watered down, so follow along with this article to get to know more or visit our list of traditional Persian Foods.

1. Chelo Kabab Koobideh

Chelo Kabab Koobideh is one of the most popular Persian dishes in Iran. this type of kabab is one of the most popular dishes at Iranian weddings and parties that is made from beef or mutton. Typically, It is grilled over hot coals and served in every restaurants and bars, as well as in small shacks in any recreational area. Kabab Koobides usually served with steamed white rice with Sangak (Persian bread).

Joojeh Kabab

2. Joojeh Kabab

Basically, there are two types of Joojeh Kabobs, boneless and the other with bone; but both are equally wonderful. Joojeh kabab is a classic Iranian chicken Kabab recipe. Chicken pieces are marinated in a marinade based on saffron, lemon and yogurt and it is best to let them marinate overnight. Therefore, The chicken fully absorbs the saffron and lemon flavors and becomes extra juicy and sweet. Usually, it served alongside all Iranian barbecues, saffron sausages and green vegetables that double the enjoyment of food.

3. Chicken Kabab Koobideh

This is one of the favorite dishes in Iran most of the time. So you will find it served regularly in Iranian homes as well as in Iranian restaurants which are also specialized in Kababs. In addition, Chicken Kebab Koobideh (saffron steamed plain rice with grilled kabab) is one of the delicious and popular Persian Kababs known as a homemade Kabab. This tasty Kabab is similar to Kabab Koobideh but chicken is used instead of meat. For this reason, Chicken Kabab is a good choice for people who can’t eat red meat but they want to have Kababs on their food list.

5. Kabab Barg

Kababa Barg has been passed down in Iran for decades which consist of lamb or beef pieces and, less commonly, chicken pieces. It made from veal or mutton, and it is one of the most stylish and luxurious dishes. The meat is skewered and barbecued over hot coals after being marinated in onions and olive oil. Usually, this dish serves alongside rice and a variety of green vegetables as main dish, but it can also be cooked within Lavash bread when filled with vegetables and yogurts.

6. Kabab Soltani

As it shows from its name, Kabab Soltani was served for nobility and aristocracy class. Later, the chefs of the kingdom changed the way it was cooked and turned it from a nobility class to the restaurants and lower classes. Kabab Soltani includes Kabab Koobideh and a Kabab Barg alongside white saffron rice. Indeed, Kabab Soltani is a combination of Kabab Koobideh and Kabab Barg. Thus, this allows you to taste both Kababs on the same plate.

6. Chenjeh Kabab

Kabab Chenjeh is another old and delicious Iranian Kabab; it’s also one of Middle East’s most popular meat dishes. Lamb meat is traditionally the meat used to make this kebab. The meat will be marinated in pepper and lime juice to absorb the flavors and become tender. Kabab Chenjeh mostly served with white saffron rice, grilled tomatios, onion and green vegetables. Chenjeh has no particular shape and without skewers you can even cook it.

7. Shishlik Kabab

Shishlik Kebab is one of the most famous and oldest Iranian Kababs, which is slightly different from other Kababs. Shishlik means skewered meat.
Because shishlik Kababs are made from sheep’s ribs, and the most important part of cooking it. Shishlik is one of the most delicious types of Kababs that contains 5-6 pieces of tender chargrilled lamb cutlets marinated with Persian style (Onion, olive oil and saffron).

8. Kabab Torsh

Kabab Torsh (Sour Kabab) is one of the types of Kababsthat has been brewing from the past to the present day in the north of Iran, though there is no collective agreement on its origin. Even tough, some people consider this dish to be a Gilani food and believe that Kabab Torsh was originally made in Gilan, but is currently being cooked in northern parts of the country and in northern restaurants. Kabab Torsh is usually made from lean beef or lamb cuts that are marinated in a spicy mix of molasses of pomegranate, walnuts, garlic, parsley and olive oil.