Reyhaan Grill

With a change of ownership and management in April 2019, Basilicum Persian Food has become Reyhaan Grill & More. Our food can be picked up, delivered or catered. Our team has vast experience in establishing and running Middle Eastern cuisines in the middle east, US and Europe.

We have picked best collection of foods under Reyhaan Grill, in just a couple of months since the new ownership and management takeover, Reyhaan Grill is best known for our cooking authentic Persian and Afghan food in Rotterdam.

Our business model addresses Persian food from a different perspective, as a result, we believe the Persian food at Reyhaan Grill is being loved by everyone with different tastes.


Rehyaan Grill & More: Order in-store or online.
Reyhaan Kitchen: Catering to your events and parties. You sit, relax and enjoy of delicisous food while we serve you and your guests!

Fresh and delicious foods


Food at Reyhaan Grill

Our menu is a collection of the favorite dishes in Iran, and Afghanistan. To insure authenticity Reyhaan menu follows the standard combinations of these dishes. Our Reyhaan mix and Afghan food mix are created to make sure you try a wider variety of Persian food and enjoy like you are dining in a persian feast. All our meat products are 100% Halal. For a catering event, you can choose among many more options.