Delivery & Catering Service

  • 08 Oct, 2019
  • By Admin: Maliha Mahmodi
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Reyhaan grill and more is a Persian food take away and delivery restaurant based in Rotterdam. The restaurant is one of a few authentic persian restaurants in Rotterdam offering delivery and catering service in Rotterdam. Reyhaan offers authentic Persian food with the original taste and flavour.  

Since Reyhaan has delivery services for their Persian food, it is very important for the restaurant to have the food fast delivered to customers in an optimal state. Reyhaan has hired well trained staff to prepare and deliver the food in a way that is efficient and pleasant for customers.

Order process in the kitchen

The process for delivery and catering service is as follows: after the customers make order online via the platforms such as Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo or Ubereats, the order is printed. First, the details is transferred to the chef in order to cook the food. Meanwhile the chef’s assistants prepare the side dishes and packages for delivery. When the cook has prepared the food , another person seals the food with a special delivery machine. Then, he or she double check to make sure everything is complete. Finally, the Persian food goes into special bag and its ready for delivery. The delivery person makes sure to seperate the warm and cold food to keep them save.  

Catering Service

Reyhaan Grill and More also offers catering service for Persian food for events, parties, gatherings, and other occasions. Reyhaan Grill and More restaurant’s catering service is a little different from its regular services. For caterings, the restaurant offers more customized service according to the customers wishes.  

The Cooks

For the caterings, Reyhaan has professional cooks and staff who can cook and serve variety of Persian and Afghan food from the restaurant menu. It is also possible for customer to order other Mediteranian foods that are not in the menu. Also, Reyhaan offers many vegetarian and healthy options too.