Persian Food We Serve at Reyhaan Grill

  • 22 Aug, 2019
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As a persian food restaurant, Reyhaan Grill and More, offers foods originating from Iran, Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries. Reyhaan provides variety of tasty options for all customers to fulfill their different demands, such as halal, healthy,  and vegetarian food.

The most popular food in our menu is Koubideh Kabab. Reyhaan Persian Grill claims to serve the best Koubideh Kabab or Kebab  in Rotterdam. The  authentic Persian taste  is no where to be found among other restaurants in Rotterdam and Netherlands. More-over, Djooje Kabab also written as Juje Kebab and mix of Afghan dishes are also very popular.

Reyhaan Grill just enhanced their menu and added additional middle eastern food items in thier menu basket, one of which is “Reyhaan Mix”. Furthermore, Reyhaan Grill gives the opportunity for our customers to try most of our Persian food and Afghan food items in the menu at the same time for a reasonable price.

Reyhaan Grill’s goal is to provide; fresh, healthy and authentic Persian food in Rotterdam. The quality of the food and fast delivery of the products are very important for the restaurant in order to have happy and loyal customers.

The Mediterranean ingredients that Reyahaan restaurant uses come mainly from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. As a result Reyhaan keeps the taste as good and authentic as the food in the middle east and particularly Persia.

The most special ingredient that Reyhaan uses in the menu items, including in the rice and kababs Reyhaan grills is “Persian Negin Saffron”. Saffron a relatively expensive spice harvested from the flower of Crocus sativus that has a gold color and gives the dish a subtle yet a memorable taste and flavor.

Reyhaan Grill also caters your special events. Contact Reyhaan Grill for more information.

In short, Reyahaan Persian Grill strives to serve an authentic fusion of healthy and tasty Persian, Turkish and Afghan food in Rotterdam, NL.